What is the range of silicone resistance to high temperature?

Generally, the temperature resistance range of ordinary silica gel is -40℃~260℃. Such ordinary silica gel is generally used as silicone accessories and silicone gifts. The ambient temperature is usually normal, so it does not need high temperature resistance properties.

But like silicone baking utensils, silicone kitchenware these often used in high temperature environment silicone products need to be made of food grade silicone, because the temperature range of food grade silicone in -40℃~250℃, general baking and cooking will not reach 240℃, so baking tools made of food grade silicone and silicone kitchenware are very safe.

Special high temperature resistant silicone can reach 350 degrees. High temperature resistant silica gel with phenyl silicone rubber, vapor phase carbon black as the main raw material, supplemented by high temperature resistant additives refined, so that the product high temperature resistance to 300-350℃, no secondary vulcanization, high tear strength, good resilience, not easy to yellowed, feel good;

In ozone, radiation environment is not easy to be oxidized, degradation, chemical stability is good; With excellent detest of water, moisture-proof, seismic and physiological inertia. High-temperature resistant silicone products Use: The product can be molded and extruded, used for manufacturing sucker, electronic device tray, miscellaneous parts, pipe, oven seal, high-temperature resistant protective sleeve and other high-temperature resistant silicone products.

Advantages of high temperature resistant silica gel:

1. High and low temperature impact resistance

2. Fast vulcanization

3. Very low odor, vulcanization, release harmless to human body

4. Bond with various substrates without the use of primer

5. Excellent heat resistance, ozone resistance and chemical erosion resistance

6. Excellent electrical insulation performance

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