Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2023

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair is the oldest and largest gift trade show in Asia. Visitors come to the trade show to meet suppliers, build relationships, find new ideas and discuss new projects. Here we are again.

This April Fair, we leaned that visa was more difficult than before, and Visa queues run until May in some country, but still many customers arrived at our booth as promised.

The Fidget toys still the most client interested in, even they will pop the bubbles during the talking. Then silicone ice tray, ice ball maker, key chain, silicone bracelet still be the best choice for promotion idea. Customers to the booth are generally divided into two categories. One is the customers who made an appointment in advance, and the other is the newly met customers at the exhibition site. Appointment of the most important customer, before you participate in the exhibition with the exhibition country’s target customer about the details.

First, make appointments with regular customers. Please cherish every opportunity to meet with old customers, because it is not only an opportunity to promote customer relations, but also the best opportunity to deeply understand customer needs and dig into customer purchasing potential.

Second, potential customers who are interested but not cooperative. Many foreign customers need a meeting process to seal the deal. If you have communicated for a long time before, but the other party has been slow to place an order, may not have met with you, the customer has limited understanding of you or doubts. This meeting is the best time to show the product in depth and win the trust of the customer.

Finally, make appointments with potential target customers. Whether through the Internet or other means, find the target customer’s email or specific contact information, before going to the exhibition must be actively with each other to send an invitation, explain your exhibition date and booth number, and express a strong desire to meet and communicate. Trust me, people do. I’ve had them.

Do the above points, at least can keep you busy in the exhibition, not because of booth location or the number of visitors and other uncertain factors make you idle in the exhibition.

If there is still time, do not idle, every foreign exhibition, there are a lot of local peer enterprises to participate in the exhibition, take good brochures and business cards, go to the booth of foreign enterprises, get their business cards or brochures, through the company name or website, try to contact their purchasing staff after coming back. Those exhibiting may also need supporting enterprises.

Finally, before going to the exhibition, please do your homework. The deeper the salesman studies the products (including but not limited to material, production process, possible defective links and solutions, product advantages over the same industry, cost-effective advantages, can create greater profit space for customers, etc.), the wider the range of face-to-face communication with customers.

Only when you are more familiar with the product and market than the customer, the customer’s trust and dependence on you can increase, and you can take the initiative in the communication.

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